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More Relevant. More Personal. More Myanmar
Myanmar - A most spiritual land of ancient sun-burnt plains, grand rivers, rolling hills, and deserted beaches. A country steeped in centuries of tradition. Filled with ethnic diversity and many people living as they have done for centuries, Myanmar is brimming with hospitable and charming personalities. Once known as Burma, and closed off from the world for the past half-century or so, there are still no tourist crowds. Myanmar is surely a unique destination. A place filled with culture, beauty, history and most importantly, heartfelt welcomes.
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Who We Are

Myanmar 1st Hand transforms holidays into incredible experiences with life-long memories. Our private tours for independent and small-group travelers, capture the unique spirit of Myanmar and it's people.


We motivate our guests to visit beyond the usual tourist hot-spots. - To explore unique off-the-map places. 'Soft Adventure' specialists, we know where to find comfy beds in remote locations at the end of each day.

Each tour is unique because it's built on the aspirations and interests of our guests. Local understanding ensures a light, socially responsible foot-print that benefits the local communities we visit.


Myanmar is our home, so our knowledge is truly ‘1st Hand’. Post-Covid-19, let us share some of the country's best-kept secrets with you!



Marty and Lisa O'Donnell


Myanmar 1st Hand


Discovery Styles

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We’ve polished away the rough edges of adventure holidaying. Individually designed to suit a different pace of travel, these private, tailor made tours seamlessly link premier destinations with authentic, off-the-map places. At the end of each day there’s always a comfy bed in one of our hand-picked deluxe lodgings waiting for you.





Golden Pagodas, ancient royal cities and a boat ride through Asia's Venice of The East. With warm and welcoming locals all over, explore Myanmar's Premier destinations by river, road, and flight, as your private guided tour leads you along a deluxe journey of discovery.

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Special Focus


Have us design a thoughtful, 'Soft Adventure' travel experience for your philanthropic or charitable organization.


Known for our seamless logistics, we link visits to an organization’s projects with enjoyable holiday experiences that create cherished and life-long memories for donors.




Choose from easy walks, to Moderate & Challenging

Treks. Explore off-the-map in style with one of our tailor made 'Soft Adventures'. Or overnight with  local families in our  preferred, clean and simple home-stays.

What ever your preference, your personal, local guide is with you every step of the way.





From a half-day meander around the pagoda filled plain of ancient Bagan to multi-day, challenging cross-country rides. We have the biking experience to suit you. 


Soft Adventures - cycle by day and sleep comfortably by night. Full vehicle support. Safety trained, dedicated cycle guides. Quality, well-maintained mountain bikes.




Mini Breaks

​Discover the undiscovered with this awesome collection of off-the-map destinations. 'Soft Adventures' that are able to be tailored to suit varied needs and fitness levels. Perfect for either a short break, or expanding your Myanmar adventure.

Destinations & Inspiration
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