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Remote, largely untouched and culturally eclectic. Discover the undiscovered by venturing 'off-the-map'.


Currently, travelers rarely make it to Loikaw for a number of reasons. One? Many don’t even know it’s a destination option. While others believe it’s too difficult to reach. But neither is any longer the case. With nine major ethnic groups living in the area; many still leading traditional lives, the locale is one of the more culturally diverse in the country. Guided visits, both by transport and light trekking ensure culturally sensitive interaction that’s beneficial to the host. Overnight services in Loikaw are rated deluxe.


Putao - Cool mountain air and crystal clear rivers fed by Himalayan snow melt. Pristine jungle scenes framed by snow-capped mountain vistas. Friendly locals of the Lisu, Rawang and Shan ethnic groups living as they have done for centuries.  Experience a culturally and environmentally sensitive destination. Explored by day in private transport, and easy guided walks or moderate treks.  Putao is one of Myanmar's last frontiers and an off-the-map 'Soft Adventure' that shouldn't be missed!


One of the most ethnically diverse areas of the country, anyone who takes the time to visit Kengtung for guided treks will find it well worthwhile. Located near the infamous Golden Triangle this remote hill tribe area has guided day treks visiting local groups including the Eng, Lahu, Lahu, Akha, Shi and Wa. Treks rate moderate to challenging, but there’s also easier ‘mini-treks’ for the little less physically active. Overnight services in Kengtung are rated superior.


Hundreds of islands lie scattered in the Andaman Sea make up Myanmar's remote Myeik Archipelago. Pristine beaches, clear waters, coral reefs, bird and marine life. Many of the islands difficult to access and plenty still uninhabited, the area is just now opening up to tourism. There are but a handful currently offering overnight accommodation and not for the budget conscious. Snorkeling and day trips are possible from Myiek and Kawthaung.


Set in the rarely visited and remote Nat Ma Taung National Park and standing at 3,053 metres above sea level, Mt. Victoria is the third tallest mountain in Myanmar and the tallest in Chin State. The area is home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna, making it on the destination list of avid naturalists and birders. As well as some traditional Chin villages nearby. The services are simple and electricity is limited. The trekking is rated moderate to challenging.


There are about 100 temples and pagodas scattered around Mrauk U. Some tiny, others enormous and complex. All spread over an area inclusive of the country town’s sleepy lane ways, nearby hilltops and stretching to the local farming community. The pagodas and temples loom with an imposing grandeur and mystique. And their design is truly unique and unlike anywhere else in the country. Overnight services in Mrauk U are rated standard to deluxe, depending on your budget.

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