No Fancy Cameras Required

Updated: Jan 19

Thanks to a simple check-list and some easy compositional tips, you'll turn your next holiday photographs into dynamic audience pleasers you'll be proud to show your family. No fancy cameras required!

Hi. I'm Lisa O'Donnell. A professional photographer from Australia with more than 30 years of industry experience. In recent years, some of my works were included in the Australian Government's permanent collection.

Back in 2013, following the sale of a business and subsequent holiday to Myanmar (once known as Burma), my husband and I decided to live life with a touch of adventure. So we packed our bags, said our goodbyes and moved there!

We instantly fell in love with our new home and began exploring far and wide. By 2015 we founded Myanmar 1st Hand, the first comprehensive travel guide to Myanmar, and a small group tour company dedicated to providing highly personalized, authentic travel experiences.

A traveller takes a moment to study the scene before taking her photograph - Myanmar.
A traveler spends a moment studying the scene before taking her photograph.

Over time, I noted most of our clients traveled with top of the range, expensive digital cameras. And while everyone is incredibly inspired by the beauty of Myanmar, that inspiration doesn't always translate into decent pictures for them.

Catching the Action on Holiday with a Phone Camera

I wrote a no-nonsense eBook to help them. And to help you! Because much of what makes a good holiday photograph isn't owning expensive equipment. By following a simple decision-making check-list and combining some easy compositional tricks you'll begin producing powerful holiday pictures you're proud to show your friends and family. Even if they're taken with a phone camera!

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