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From golden pagodas, to picturesque lakes and traditional villages. Here are some of Myanmar's Must See Destinations!


Dominated by ancient, religious architecture built up to 1,000 years ago, the enormity of the Ancient Bagan landscape is impressive. The more than 2,000 still standing buildings and monuments are spread far and wide – along the road side, among paddocks ready ploughed for planting and down country lane-ways in villages.


Near the  impressive palace moat tracing the stoic foundations of the Royal Palace Walls stands The Golden Palace Monastery. While onward and upward, Mandalay Hill and its many temples and pagodas is a busy location for pilgrims. There’s also day trips aplenty. Most including idling away some time on the incredible Ayeyarwaddy River.


Yangon is Myanmar's largest city and an eclectic blend of British, Burmese, Chinese and other South Asian influences. It is a city of contradictions; a plethora of extremes. It’s nothing for a swank expat restaurant and bar to have a local market stall taking up part of the pavement outside its doors. Downtown is rich with colonial buildings, plenty decaying with ragged facades, while perfectly manicured gardens and important religious sites gleaming with gold are nearby. 


Often known as the Venice of Asia, Inle Lake lies in the heart of the picturesque Shan Hills, a most fertile land. It’s also home for some culturally diverse peoples, many of whom emphatically rely on the lake for their livelihood. 

A day out on the water in a local, long-tail boat is the best way to explore the water-way’s stilted villages, floating gardens and pagoda sites. There’s also  various traditional craft techniques practiced in locations around the lake so expect to do a little shopping.


As a most sacred site and the 3rd most famous pagoda in all Myanmar, Kyaiktyo Pagoda (Golden Rock) rests precariously atop a mountain of the same name. Locals visit year round, but it's most hectic over auspicious full moon holidays when the festive, and chaotic atmosphere can be overwhelming for some. It's around a 4 hour journey by road from Yangon. Reach the top by public truck, on foot via a pilgrimage, 3 to 4 hour trek, or via the newly installed cable car.


Myanmar’s premier beach destination Ngapali Beach is all about 3 gorgeous kilometers of pristine white sand, clear blue waters, clusters of shading coconut palms, succulent beach-side seafood dinners and sinking sunsets in the Bay of Bengal. It’s primarily known as a great ‘wind down’ location to finish off a Myanmar adventure. But it can also be an adventure on its own. Hot air ballooning, water sports, mountain biking, fishing and trekking are all on offer.  

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