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Philanthropic Donor Visits

Link project visits with a memorable holiday experience of a lifetime for your donors.

Soft Adventure Specialists:
Off-the-map by day, Comfy bed by night.
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24 Hour
In-Country Support
3531814 - and smartphone tourism travel.
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Seamless logistics ensuring donors are always where they need to be.
Unique Itineraries
Countrywide network of Region Specific & thoughtful  Local Guides

The Big Picture

Intimate local knowledge is key to providing the seamless logistics necessary for an incredible travel experience in Myanmar. With in-country expatriate managers and a nationwide network of informed partners, Myanmar 1st Hand has your 'big picture' covered.


Sustainable Travel

We are mindful of 'how' our clients travel and consider the environmental and social impact of each and every itinerary we design. We favor family-run service providers. Our guides: region-specific, knowledgeable and respectful. Wherever possible, lodgings are deluxe-boutique, managed with ethical objectives, and stay true to the traditional architecture of the area.












There For You 24/7

Our team is a complementary mix of local and expatriate staff. While each comes to the team with their own strengths, our holistic business practices ensure a platform for knowledge sharing. The result: customer-focused, solution-driven individuals who think outside-the-box and function effectively when the unexpected happens.




Traveling with us ensures your donors' experience is an insightful and empathetic journey of discovery that bonds them to the country, its people, and the work of your organization, for years to come.
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